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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hey, it's day one! I have some pics of what I was up to yesterday. Will be giving it the finishing touches this afternoon when I get home for lunch. I still need to find my flax crackers and make some dips. I ended my day yesterday with a juice and liked it so much that I am having another this morning! It is cucumber and oranges. Surprisingly refreshing!

So, here are the pics.....

Two oranges and about half of a large cucumber. Use citrus juicer for the oranges then add the juice with cucumber to the blender.

Here they are, ready to blitz!

Ready to strain. (This is optional, of course.)


Ready to make some fudgeballs?

You will need:

dates - soaked -- about 12
almond butter -- about 1/2 cup
agave -- about 2 or 3 tablespoons
vanilla/vanilla bean --1 tsp or 1 scraped bean
cocoa powder -- 1/4 cup or to taste
salt -- pinch of sea salt
Filtered water as needed to form really thick paste

Put in your handy dandy mini food processor or personal sized blender. You can use a large one but then you should probably make a large batch.

Whiz until fairly smooth.

Take another date or two and cut into small cubes to add into the paste. These taste/feel like caramel bits when you eat them. Mix them in really good.

Cover a plate with a thick layer of cocoa powder and drop spoonfuls into powder. Roll into balls.

Can also roll in nuts, coconut, dried fruit, etc. Great additions to the batter: raspberry powder, OJ, dried fruits, nuts, mint.....use your imagination! Can also dip in chocolate to have raw truffles.

Here is my personal salad bar ready to be set in the very, very cold garage for the night. The large trays are dough retarding trays and the plastic containers with lids are like the ones you see in the bakeries, etc. I had this already from my own business. The fruit stands actually revolve, so that is sort of fun. The fudgeballs are in the the cake dome and energy cubes are in the dish in front of the glass dome. See my awesome cucumber/orange juice there? The trays will be chilled during the day with ice and ice packs.

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